We do encounter complains each and every day. Everyone do complain but over different issues. Complaining is a way of expressing one’s self feelings of dissatisfaction. Considering the fact that no human is perfect, seeing individuals complaining is just a normal thing. There are several types of complainers: those who complain over everything and those who complain so rarely, those who blame others for their dissatisfactions and those who just complain without pointing blaming fingers towards anyone. Due to hardships and unbearable sufferings, a good number of individuals always try to avoid taking responsibility of their own mistakes. Making others pay for other’s mistakes is the worst act that is very common.

This world has it’s own ways of revealing deeply hidden secrets. This is a fact that everyone do need to well understand. It’s the world that is justice driven. No matter how careful one is at pointing blaming fingers to others, the truth is always known. Reckless complains are the source of false accusations that leads to innocent people paying for wrongs they never committed. It’s normal to complain but it becomes abnormal when one complains by use of false accusations.

Accurate knowledge is the most important asset that when obtained and well understood; can never disappoint and the bearer will always be on the right path.

Each and every person is suppose to be responsible for everything whether bad or good. Being responsible is an essential piece of knowledge that in most cases isn’t applicable to many. Before getting involved in anything, everyone do have a chance of pausing and reflecting. No matter how quick a decision is suppose to be made, a wise person will always spend as shorter period as possible in Intrapersonal communication – the communication within one’s self. There are those who do understand the importance of self consultation but they don’t know how to do it. This is the reason why knowledge is fundamental.

Before making any choice, one need to figure out the possible outcome of the whole thing. One need to figure out if in any way the choice shall interfere with his/her own tenets and beliefs. An individual who believe that humanity is something worthy protecting and he/she proceed in making a choice that contradicts his/her believe, will end up falsely complaining for being misled.

A point of no return.

Life isn’t a video tape or a game that can be rewinded. That’s why each and every misstep individuals make, do haunt them down forever till corrections are made. Accurate knowledge is indeed helpful in every thing that people do. Since history is something that can only be forgotten but not erased, everyone’s achievements and downfalls shall always be there. Complaining doesn’t erase one’s downfalls from history rather they add more and more negative information to any given person. One’s detailed history is that which isn’t recorded anywhere. The history that do include even one’s thoughts. The history that can only be ready and well understood by Iam.

The deadly enemy.

The deadly enemy originates from within one’s self. It’s well known that apart from the light, there are some other voices from within. Those voices are the ones that are deadly enemies. Again, it’s the accurate knowledge that shall enable one to distinguish between the light and other voices. External enemies can do more harm but not as much as the enemies from within one’s self. Before physical enemies manager to destroy someone completely, they must have got the support from that particular person. It doesn’t mean that one has to surrender for him/her to have the enemies destroy his/her life. One can end up supporting them by fighting etc.

There are common things enemies from within do to their bearer. They makes the person have too much pride. Pride that can’t be compared to anything. Since pride is the poor substitute for intelligence, the possessor stops using wisdom if any and concentrate on feeding his/her egos. The pride is what brings endless complaining. The pride do make a person lack humility – thinking that he/she is much important than anyone else (that’s the reason why prideful person do wish to have other people pay for his/her own mistakes). Pride makes the person believe that only his/her efforts made it possible for any given achievement to be realized. In case of a failure, automatically the person complain about the irresponsibility of others.

Even with absolutely no knowledge in his/her mind, a prideful person claims to know everything. Prideful person believe that he/she is always right. A prideful person don’t wish to learn anything from anyone, He/she do talk more than listening. Prideful individual can advise everyone but can’t accept any kind of advice from anyone. Prideful individual can blame everyone but can’t tolerate anyone blaming him/her.

Not every battle is meant to be fought, some are there to teach and prepare individuals for what is ahead of them.

A prideful person doesn’t know when to fight and when to remain calm, when to talk and when to remain silent, when to take questions and when to give answers, when to learn and when to apply the knowledge. This makes it possible for such individual get tempted to fight anyone who goes against him/her. The state of knowing it all, makes a prideful person think that all those who dares to correct him/her are haters and the worst adversaries. The individual end up fighting them.

Pride is the worst enemy from within.

Pride is capable of ruining one’s good reputations gradually and indeed unnoticed. Prideful individual can’t know that he/she has it unless lends an ear to wise people who can provide an accurate knowledge that can shine the individual’s eyes into realizing it. It’s never too late for anyone to change. It’s all about changing mindset and realizing that no man is an island – human beings do need each on daily basis ( no matter how wealthy one is, he/she needs a poor person for help and no matter how poor someone is; he/she needs a wealthy person for help as well.) Acquiring knowledge that brings wisdom is the best option. The worst option is to wait for everything to turn sour for corrections to be made.